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Dry Martini

One of the most symbolic cocktail in the bartenders world. Its composition has been hotly debated! Originally it was a fifty fifty mix of Gin and dry Vermouth. Over time, Gin part became more important and now the common recipe is dry (this recipe), or extra dry (just give an ice cube a rinse), naked or Churchill way (just smell Vermouth vapors but these ones are not used in the cocktail).

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5.5cl Gin
1.5cl Vermouth Routin Dry
Green olives

Pour Vermouth Routin Dry and Gin in a mixing glass full of ice. Stir well. Strain in a chilled Martini glass.
Garnish with a green olive to get a dry Martini. Garnish with small white onion to get a Gibson.
Add 0,5cl olive's brine to get a dirty Martini. Pour Vodka instead Gin to get a Vodkatini.

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